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Welcome to DONTE'S

Check out what to expect before, during, and after your first visit. We can't wait to workout with you!

Schedule Your Appointment

1. Submit our appointment request form

2. Complete payment

We'll send you a secure checkout link and confirm your appointment.

Note: due to an ongoing waitlist for training, payment is due at time of booking to secure the offered appointment time.

Self-purchased Sessions: If you self-purchased a session or package online, submit the request form or email to schedule.

Check In

Arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to check-in

What to Bring

Gloves & Handwraps

Bring your own or purchase during check-in


We also have bottled water available for purchase

Card for Purchases

Note we're a cash-less gym

Credit/debit cards accepted


Masks are optional

but encouraged 

Your Training Session


Your coach will take you through a dynamic warm-up to elevate your heart rate and ensure you have your best performance in class.


We'll get your heart-rate back down and end with a full-body stretch.


Every session is different, as we never want your body to get too used to the workout. Generally a session includes learning combinations and skills for the day, rounds on the bag, and conditioning exercises to target the entire body—legs, core, and heart included. Sessions also include active rest periods, and you can take breaks as needed.

Finding Your Pace

Haven't worked out in a while? No problem. First-timers are always cared for in every session. Coaches are equipped to offer modifications for exercises, and you can take breaks and grab water as needed.


Want to know what makes training at Donte's different? See Why It Works.

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