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Welcome to DONTE'S

Check out what to expect before, during, and after your first visit. We can't wait to workout with you!

Before Your Appointment

1. Submit our personal training form.


After submitting, someone from our team will respond ASAP to schedule your appointment.

2. Check for all your training essentials. 

You will need the following items for training:

  • Mask. Everyone is required to wear a mask at all times. That means before, during, and after 

  • Handwraps. You can bring your own or purchase a pair when you arrive.

  • Boxing gloves. To offer clients the safest experience we've discontinued glove rental.

  • Water. We also have bottled water and sports drinks for purchase.

  • Optional but helpful items: a face towel and a small bag to hold your belongings

  • Boxing gloves and handwraps can be purchased at check-in. Heads up––we're a cash-less gym, so bring a credit or debit card to make purchases.

3. Arrive (wearing your mask) 10-15 minutes before your scheduled appointment to check in.

Upon entering the gym, a team member will take your temperature using a contactless temperature scanner. Anyone with a temperature reading above 100.4 (CDC recommendation of a fever) or exhibiting visible signs of illness will be asked to reschedule after being seen by a doctor. This is to ensure their own safety and that of others.


You'll also be required to sanitize your hands with personal or gym-provided hand sanitizer, or by washing your hands.

If this is your first session, a team member will give a contact-less tutorial to help you wrap your hands. You'll then be guided to your assigned workout station.

For a smooth check-in process, we recommend adding a payment method to your account ahead of time to make future purchases for wraps, water, etc.

Your Training Session


Your coach will take you through a dynamic warm-up to elevate your heart rate and ensure you have your best performance in class.


We'll get your heart-rate back down and end with a full-body stretch.


Every session is different, as we never want your body to get too used to the workout. Generally a session includes learning combinations and skills for the day, rounds on the bag, and conditioning exercises to target the entire body—legs, core, and heart included. Sessions also include active rest periods, and you can take breaks as needed.

Finding Your Pace

Haven't worked out in a while? No problem. First-timers are always cared for in every session. Coaches are equipped to offer modifications for exercises, and you can take breaks and grab water as needed.


Want to know what makes training at Donte's different? See Why It Works.

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