Punch your way to the strongest, leanest version of yourself with our workout designed for results.  Zero experience necessary.

What you get from workouts at Donte's

60 minutes, a few times a week to see noticeable changes in how you look and feel.

Total-body Conditioning

Boxing workouts that target every muscle group and get your heart rate in the right zones to shred fat and build lean muscle.

Technical Training

Learn what to do and why, an ongoing process that keeps you engaged and makes working out fun.

No plateaus

We change classes often so that it's impossible to plateau. Our classes are designed to be efficient, meaning you get the most out of each visit, and can see noticeable results taking just a few classes per week.  


We've been told we're the best boxing workout in Rockville,

but we'll let our amazing members speak for themselves.


My strength and endurance have gone sky-high to a degree I never thought possible. Before I started, I was not athletic at all! Now, all I want to do is workout. 

— Jenny S.


Rockville's best boxing workout, located just steps from the Shady Grove Metro and King Farm neighborhood.

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